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Thursday, March 25, 2010

~Family and Friends first~

I'm sad now.I just need you.
That's all Iask :(
I'm sorry for not bearing to live apart.
However,I'm having a great people around me; my awesome friends!

p/s: Appreciate those around you before you lose them someday later.
Show some love if you can, especially to your great parents who
raise you till now.
Happy becoming a soleh/ah child to them!
Live to the fullest!
Family first (:

mood: in achieving to be the best to them.
I love you Abah. I love you Mamas. ^^,
I love you three till my last breath..

I love my Adik too, who can sing ah-not-so-well-lah @ sengau,
the song of Jangan Nakal by Hero Comel Saya.hoho~


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