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Monday, March 22, 2010

. Me now or never? Both? .

smile.smile.smile!! =)
it would make you cheerful all day long and leave out the sadness :)


I just have had a trembling moment just now,
oh hey, plus yesterday,
because i had a very bitter moment for losing my IC.
Plus, there are some important matters that
need to be settled in HUSM,Kubang Kerian.

i just had my prayer, and it is answered by Allah,
to give back my IC.
nevertheless, that is all what im worried about
and messed me up the whole day.huhu.
thanks so much ya Allah,
I feel like crying to see my Ic, eventough
it is not in good condition.
*kereta pijak la weh!haha*

it's okay.the IC matter has been settled up in two days.
now, is a problem of bank-in some money,
to go to the IIUM main campus.
"main campus, don't you know that im having my financial problem now?"
as a result, my father asked me to use my own money to pay for that.
ahaa..good idea,daddy! i love you! ;P

"just pretend like you are sleeping if dad ask you some money ok??"

okay, now, can i be a bit poyo for a moment?haha.
fine.actually, THESE TWO DAYS,
I read newspapers.haha.
yela,..aku jarang je baca paper weh.haha

no wonder i felt an extra warm weather these days.
in fact, this is due to the dry spell and El Nino Phenomenon.
(haa,,korang ape tau, tak baca surat khabar!haha.
sori2..saya tengah poyo.) :P
so, based on the photos in the papers,
it showed to people that we are at alarming clock
and it is getting more hazardous,if we do nothing
to save our planet.
in addition, by using "aircond" at shopping malls and cars,
we are actually worsen our weather and our planet.
this is what i myself do. thus, i will tell daddy not to switch on the aircond.
haha.if i can. :))
okay okay, i will.insyaALLAH ^^

oh,what's going on in here?i just wake up.LOL!

and tonight is a hectic night for me, because
i can't help myself to texting a few people in one time.
u are tagged here: Ejah Hanim, Leena Rasid, Afiqah Muslim and Syairah.
thanks!i love you guys! <3

tomorrow, of course i need to bank-in RM310, then
got to prepare myself for such a pile of work.
eleh,cam kerja pejabat je.

well, as long as I work , it is almost four people ask me,
whether I'm Kelantanese or not.
i was like drinking a bowl of soup!
IM KELANTANESE okay??? :-@
hello, i speak in Kelantan, and I'm not that bad to speak my
own language.ugh!!geram!

Qistina said:" I'm Kelantanese eventough my mom always teach me English words".LOL.

oh by the way, can i say this phrase!
"im a great stalker!oyeah!!"
hahahhaha..dont ask me where and when.hehe

Till then.im sleepy now.gotta wake up early.
good night~~
talk later! =)

Ah okay.gotta fly~~
bye2.....wait me till i come back to Malaysia okay?
i'm going to US.LOL!


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