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Friday, January 15, 2010

. Yes, you! .

Congratulations to you whom I should say thanks for not changing and for being who you are.
Yes, you! Who? You! Yes, you dear.
Thanks for being the one that I’ve known for years and for being the one who understands me.
The one who can be my crying shoulder. Hiperbola jee :P
Yes, it is you who can wipe my tears apart from my spongebob or my panda. :P
The one who can count on me whenever I need someone.
The one whom I should call forever friend.
May Allah grant us with His blessings.
I must and it is an obligatory to be thankful to Him for giving the person to me.
The person whom I can call “mama”. Or maybe, can be called as “papa”.
I am “shy” (syai) to tell you this out loud. I’m not the one whom you can be called “express-feeling-person”.
But, I am me. Who loves to be me. And myself.
Main hoon na. Never leave you. Always.

Lots of love,

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