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Friday, January 15, 2010

. Father is The Greatest Man .

I’ve cried because of my father’s message.(It’s quite weird because he seldom to send me a message). I know he hopes me for the best; for my glory. I know that, Abah. I’m trying to. That’s why I’m hoping for your pray. Doa ibu bapa akan mudah dimakbulkan oleh Allah kan? 
Abah, I’ve cried after read your message.
Abah, terharu sangat2. I know he also is not the type of person who wants and easy to express feeling. I know that, abah. I know you did so much things to us. But, with words that u’ve uttered, I understand the different meaning; the one that you wanna tell, but not beng expressed. Maybe some of us did not show the talent and the success yet. So, wait, abah. I will be the one for you. The worst thing that I cannot imagine, is to see you cry because of my failure. I know that. But, I know you are the one who will say, “takpe..my daughter already made effort, and would say I’m already proud with you”, even tough I know you are not, abah. I understand you. I know that you have an instinct of a father. You’re a great father anyway. This is not all about money, but your love as well. I know that you work hard to get money, where we got the sources of food and everything. I mean, it is worth than anything in this world. You need to know that I pray for you all day and night. Therefore, I need your pray too, to make Allah teach me how to guide myself, and how to lead my life. Thanks abah for everything. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YO EVER KNOW. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU.

Love, your daughter,
Sarah Sila LIKE! XD

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