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Friday, January 15, 2010

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People, I have just finished the movie of 2012. I know this movie has created some controversies over all Muslims. We can see how they create propaganda to Muslim, maybe can disturb the faith itself. But! Ignore the faith. I mean, you must be strong not to believe it, or to say that the world would end in 2012. But, view the inside morals and lessons in that story. What I got is that, the movie or the story tells me about how we( Muslims) need to unite and not to break from each other as one ummah. As we can see, people, or to be more focus, Muslims themselves who fought between each other. Since there are two different tribes in a country, how can Muslim unite? Tell me. I need to know. If they unite, how can a war successfully created by Kafirun? Who really want Muslim to fight? Basically, we can take this moral that all people need to unite and help each other. As we applied from this story to our life, we can see how people(the fat man with his two sons who lastly died because failure of saving himself), who are greedy (high class people use their status among people to be more special than ordinary people. They act rudely too!). Hence, we cannot be greedy and selfish (only to save yourself!). Maybe all this saying is just how me who can speak, but not to do it. Is it? Well, I’d take this as a step as a motivation.  I mean, for me, not to be too greedy and all that. So, that is how I remember what Madam Adeeba had told us; to take the positive side from any negative movies. Yes, view it from positive side! Also, to Islamize the story from western to make it become Islamic. This is said by Madam Isfadiah in our IRK class. Hehee. Terima kasih my sifuS! 

REMINDER: Make sure you are strong not to believe what the story wanna tell. I mean, make sure that human ability or human brain cannot challenge Allah’s will. The history? As we can see, Titanic itself is the proof, as how they proud with their intelligence and all that. (-.- “)

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