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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Dear Ejah hanim.
(even i used to call u Izzah).
Maybe you'll be proud of listening this.hehe
Izzah, I'm emotional now.
I think I have to tell you that
your latest post on blog almost make my eyes spill with tears.
Oh my God. Maybe this is tears of joy :)
I think I feel this way because "mine" is far away;
out from Malaysia.
Oh.. How sad. ;'(
You guys are soo sweet..
(Izzah and Asyraq laa)

even memang dah nangis la izzah...HAHA.

Silly me! :P

sad for all the time my embrace was empty of you
sad for being stubborn to be sad

sad for touching objects baring your presence
sad for not touching you from here...

sad for reading your name everywhere i turn
sad for all the blue
jackets other men should not have worn

sad for all my weak spots left to be weak
sad to open my eyes in the morning

sad for a cruel truth not even dreams can survive
sad without dreaming

sad of nothing to hope for
sad for still seing beautiful things worth for you to know


just what she is not


just what she cannot achieve.

:: This is a story of a girl::

Actually, I had created poem, but then, I think it is just make people say,

“haha sarah.shame on you!”

B y the way, the girl is me.


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