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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a Fantastic Days!!

What a fantastic day!
u know why?because i'm happy and i feel motivated.yay!!
i was like screaming in class just now.
because im sooooo happy and understand what Mdm Azimah has been teaching
for two hours in class.
i felt the time has running so fast!nyehehe.
when i got back from class,performed solat zuhur and whatsoever thing,
i straightly opened Linguistic note.
(just to rewrite).hehe
but I understand.she taught us on the topic of Morphology.
It's how you formed word.
She taught us in a nice manner,
with her gorgeous look ;D
and then, i was like motivated and inspired by her teaching.
hey,it is not only English,but also Arabic words.
Kiko went to the front to say "school" in Japanese language.
great,sweety! :)
We gotta remember on how "sayyaroh" can turn to "sayyaaroot".
from singular to plural.
(qawy takes turn) :D
and so many funny and ridiculous words in Malay
that has been changed to English.hehehehe.
f0r instance,
The word "tidur" was changed to "keTIDURan" and whatsoever thing.
there were a lot!
cannot tell you all.
yeah.1 new word; MEMBIRI.haha
what is this?
Madam just want us to create words that make sense.
and i think,this is not!haha.
the meaning is "membebel" i think.

Next,when it comes to CCT class,Madam Adeeba keep talking about
poligamy.haha.she's funny seriously.
she said that she does not even care if her husband wanna get married to
another woman.but,he needs to tell her nicely
and she thinks she wont get angry.
*cayalah madam!*
hmm..she said it is better if the new wife can cook for her
and give her a better life.nyehehe.
boleh ke madam?
my mind was like not-too-narrow, about it:D
sO,yeah,it makes sense..
but,to let my future husband get married to another woman?
hmm..langkah mayat saya dulu bang!haha.
im not pointing to anybody laa.. :P

yeah.never ever sound stupid and act stupidly.
note to myself.

what we have learned in class.
interesting,ain't it? ;D

eventually,when it comes to IRK class,
my heart was like ripped easily.
delicate heart lah you,sarah :P
it's ok.i think it is not a waste to let my tears spilled for Islam.
because thinking of our sin T_T
that was extremely sad and frigtening!
Madam Isfadiah showed us some videos on
how the Qisas is practised in Arabian countries.
They cut off head!can u believe that??;'(((
at first,i tried to pretend not to look sad,..
but,Oh my GOD!It was.sad.and.give lessons.a lot.
when it comes to astray from ALLAH,
you grab us back with the help of ALLAH.
tHAnks A lot,maDAM.

i just did not know how to control it.
with all sudden,the tears come out from these beautiful eyes ;D
O man,i can see the boys also cried.nyehehe.
their eyes were wet too:)
it is ok.good expression kan?hehe.

with all of sudden,this morning,
i think about nasi kerabu kuning.
mama,,nak baliiik T_T
::Cinta usrawi::

ok guys.gotta stop.
take care of yourselves.
take this note:
"Whats the point of living if you dont have passion in life??"
-credit to Ms Aisyah Shurfa.
Gonna miss you,miss :(

so,do everything with passion..
make sure that your life is worth for living keh?

"renung2kan dan selamat beramal!"

p/s: masa sekarang adalah sangat best untuk merapu kat blog.hehe
hoping for the rain tonight.tolong la hujan,hujan..ngee~



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