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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A L0t of Stories

I have not send any entries since two days right?ngehehe..
Not that long..Just like i have to get some happy mood,
so that there is no person saying that i am emotional in publishing post .
If you are the person,then you will know who you are.haha.
(just kidding).

Since two days have passed,I have a lot of stories to tell,
like a dozen of "MOTIVATIONAL WORDS" in here :)
O0hh,.hOW thankful I am for being a Muslim in and out.

By the way,I'm happy to say that i've read a few blogs that
attract my attention.
They are great and I admire them:)
One of them is a large family that consist of six siblings.
I'm happy to see them blogging.
They have blogs maybe to make them in touch since their children are abroad.
So,what i can say is that,
There is a great bond of family!
I love that! ;D
*High tech family tuu..hehe.
Nanti kalau anak2 saya pon saya akan buat camtu ek?Insyaallah.. :p

Oh ok.To relate with what i have said with motivation is that,
I did go to CFS IIUM PJ to attend a forum held by MRC if I'm not mistaken.
So,we went by bus (luckily,it is free of charge) :P
Oh ya,maybe my intention is wrong at first,
but then,i tried to tell myself soo many times
that I should be here in order to get knowledge.
So, there is no "lentok" in the hall of
Malik Al-Faisal. :P
This was the second time I've been in PJ.

From this angle,you think number of male is greater than girls?

So,yeah,this is the truth.Girls need to "add" the numbers of boys!heh.
"lelaki makin pupus laa..haiyoo"
The moderator said,"it is okay,because hero will present di saat2 akhir".haha.
ye la tu ustazz...

The forum was based on Technology and Science in Islam.
Hence,the panels related all sorts of knowledge with some verses of al-Quran.
Two of the panels that I remember,were from UM and UKM..So,basicly,they talked in Bahasa.
By the way, they burned us the spirt of getting up from laziness to be more inspired and motivational, as they have shown some videos based on Islamic scholars and how we feel inferior with some Western scholars.THANKS A MILLION for waking me up from this "humbleness" which are not in the right place! ;D
We actually have a lot of intelligent experts in Islam, but maybe with the wrong information,
they (Islamic schlars) were lost by the rising of Westeners.
No wonder, they conquered everything since all subjects that we took in school and tertiary level also taught us HOW PRIDE we are,with them.
So,,better ready to take all the intelligent people in Islam as our idole :)
A lot,ok?

Oh yeah.Not to forget, that I have met my old friends from
Maahad Muhammadi Lilbanat .
But, it is only two of them.
Really exciting to snap photos tough!haha.
Tak menyempat nak makan.heh.heh.
Since all my buddies from Uia Nilai ate,
so I asked Paan to eat with me.
We share.hehe.
"sharing is caring" ;D
Two from PJ are
Irfah and Anis.

:: Ipah yang poyo! ::

:: Here is Anis.Cayalah!::

:: oke,kami bertiga!muahaha.Gambar lawak :P ::

......................End of 30th of December.....................

:::Then, tomorrow begins::

I have started my day with some motivation which still "berbaki" from the forum.
Just sssooo m0tivated to be in classes.
That is because, the classes are only two hours! ;D
CCT + IRK class.
Fun,ain't it?hehe.

How can you say that the class was not fun?
Madam Isfadiah showed us some videos on Upin and Ipin
yang comeyyyyyy...!!
(look how excited I am.ahha)
While Amir told us his xeperience went to Le's Copaque.
The story already made it soo exciting.
Thanks Amir! ;D

Apart from that,madam also told us about the miracle of Colour Spectrum
which is related to our solah.
Amazing,is'nt it?

In the evening, I hang out with Tikah and Azie.
We bought some items.
( Shopping timee!!)
Run out of budget for a moment :(
Abah,no need to bank in some cash yet ...
I still can survive :)
Your call made me happy enough.
Wanna back home...Can i?
Rindu semmua orang!
(baca dengan suara upin ipin) :D

::err..we bought food actually.
and the milk is MUST!
(selalu lepas minum,tapenah cukup).haha
*chocolate favour adalah rela dalam paksa,sebab
nak jimat duit.ahhaha*

haiyoo..i need the original flavor lahhh!

:: lawa kan banner Juma buat? ::
(orang "sibuk" dalam bilik kami)

:: Juma,Azi,anak Saa'di, Tikah::

:: senget itu seni.haha::

Now,one hour has passed.The date is 1st January 2009.
So,yeah,,happy new year everybody!
Let's achieve goals in life.
reminder: nO need to wait for s0-called happy new year to renew wish,
because every single day of life need improvement.
Wassalam ;D


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