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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


siapakah gadis ini??huhuhu. jangan marah nak interframe cket neh.hehe

gambar ni panas lagi,sebab baru lepas edit.hangattt!! :P
anyone wanna say something?hehe

can you see the heart-shape chocolate?
yeah.i love it..better if you freeze it first:)
bought from midah's friend.hey,tangan yang peace tu tangan Juma.
Dia sebok je nak masok gamba,.ok Juma.masuk blog.puas hati?? (O.O)

::ehem ehem::


setelah lama melawan perasaan sendiri yang malas
gile bapak segala malas nak update blog,
akhirnya kerajinan dapat mengalahkan kemalasan tersebut.hehe
so,alhamdulillah dan "mabruk" ke atas diriku sendiri.hehe

OK.disebabkan tajuk posting ni "mid sem break",
so kena cite pasal holiday ni la kan?
ni dah third day im in KL.at my sis house..
ok la..tapi macam salu ada konflik je ngan kakak :(
it is actually a very small matter that i should not take it matters.
hmm..but,that happened when emotion control ourselves:(
ok.my fault.better to admit our fault.right?
insyaALLAH,if i realise it...

this vacation is totally wasted with such not-so-called-meaningful-and-useful activities.
well,its ok..the time has passed.
so Sarah,what you need to do is fulfull the rest of it.
still can be useful :)
you know what?the time i am typing this post is actually a bit blur.
what i mean is,my sight.is a bit blur and unclear..
maybe coz of too much light in this room. (-_0)

for this vacation,i actually need to FORCE myself to open books at least..
ok.fine.at least,a book (singular) :P
so,ok..besok laaa...hee~~ (mim.alif.lam.sin.) :P
can you spell it?ok..now.remain silent.dont tell people if i act that way in my study.
no motivation perhaps..
dear GOD,motivate me back..i need it.
(sarah,doa together with usaha dan badan wokes?)
oh GOD.exam is around the corner.
i have three more papers to pass on.
Basic Method Writing(BMW),Critical Thinking and Linguistic..
oh my..what notes can i refer to?forgot to buy the books for Lingi..uwaa..!!!
its ok ... try to depend on the previous notes lah.

oh hey,the last two days that i've gone through in boredom was
actually can be meaningful and useful.
well,to make it sound positive,i hang out with my
girlfriends.(ok.saya setia.dan bukan lessy.hehe)
and i have bought some items that i have forgot what are they.
hmm..for sure,its girl stuff.oops.key chain lah.
lagi and lagi..dah boleh buat collection nih.hehe

*p/s: maaf.saya "speaking" berhabuk nih..grammar lintang pukang.
so,jangan nak tegur..i know what im doing.har har har. ;))

i am actually editing some pictures..
i'll upload later.dont woory.u gonna see it :)
well,this is the special one coz it has been a long time that
i had not edit "our picture".hehe
ok..this is a secret.dont let other people find it out :P

me at this home is a bit happy and entertained with my first nephew; Mikail.
i asked him, "what should I call u,baby?mika or mikail?"
with his serious and straight face,he answered me, "mika".haha.
fine.you are serious lah mika.tanak kawan.

i keep on sighing today.
maybe because of tiredness.
well.can you imagine?
i wake up from bed,and straight away go to kitchen and cook.
but,,i realise that im happy to cook.
and i think,..em.yeah.IM A GOOD COOK.hehe.
hell yeah ;D
it is a pleasure and heaven because im alone at home.
can do anything that i want :)
but i am extremely lazy to go downstairs..
yalahh...rumah tingkat paling atas kot..
malas nak bakar lemak.kwam3
ok.to go to "memasak" story,
what i can tell was that,i have cooked only two dishes laah..
bukan banyak pun..
for me,it is satisfying to cook those two dishes.hehe.
my "sayur" is terbaek..coz i never cook that dish.hehe
i dont know what was the name of that sayur.haha.
(shut up.dont say anything!) :P

oh yeah..i remember about one of my status on facebook.
"When he's there stare at me,I'd just smile and say in my heart that
I need him.Yes,I do." ('',)

Its like a quote lah.hehe..
no.no.its mine.it is from my thought,ok? ^_^
yeah..I NEED HIM
(it is more than word to express it) ok?
hence,to say that i need him and trust him
that is far far far away from here,
"take care of yourself.
you are like a star.
cannot be reached,but always there for me."
hehe.this is my current status on fb :)

well,i think i have spoke a lot.
so,time to shut up this beautiful mouth.kah3.
maaf.sengaja nak "masuk bakul". :P
bak kata mira n paan,kalo angkat bakul tu,
tak terangkat jugak.tapi boleh jatuh lagi.hahaha
baiklah.saya surrender.i wont get into that basket ok?hahaha

so,bye2 people..
love you friends.
jaga diri "orang dekat' di "sini".
banyak "balaghah" lah..a'sif jiddan ya ..hihi

here are some pictures that have been edited and unedited.
some might say they are beautiful and some might not.hehe.
these are some that have been made when i was in boredom. :)
so,have fun! ^_^

ni la keje aku masa kak long pegi keje..dok dapur,masak.jadi bibik Sarah.kih3

hah.kak long nak sangat ikan kicap..ni aku dah masak.nasib baik makan :(
(ada konflik pasal ikan kicap nih.haha.kelakar bla pikir balik)

yay!!dengan penuh debaran tunggu sayur ni masak.sebab takut rasa tak
sama cam ma masak.hehe

sori lah..gamba berterabur..ni "mira si ayu dalam gambar".kah kah kah,. :P


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