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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

:: Im Happy.(I don't know why) ('',)

.ngeh ngeh ngeh.
.hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi.

.ok.saya dah kembali normal.

p/s: lawa tak saya susun?

ok.i feel happy.
now is already 1.12am.
and i didnt sleep yet.
keep on facebook-ing and,
keep thinking of "him".....

ok.saya sabar.saya sabar.
diri ini sabar.oke?
(anda dapat eja dan sebut dengan betul?)
baik..(see my thumbs up?) ;)

ok..this is already late.
so,what else most Malaysians are doing now?
better for me to sleep right?
i just cannot curb myself from thinking of the particular person
and i better stay out of this and not to
become so addicted of him oke?hehe
or else,i cannot do any job.because my mind keeps spinning and
tup tup,,my mind thinking about him again and again.huhuhu

ok.gotta stop.bye2..
good nght..
miss "my panda" so very much.

::inilah encik panda..hee~~ ::

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