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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


M.E.N.G.A.P.A. & K.E.N.A.PA.
L.I.M.A.Z.A.? P.O.R.K.E?

Those questions are directed to me,
so,i asked myself,
"what's wrong,Sarah?"
then,i heard my heart says:
"I don't know what is wrong with you,girl.
maybe you are sad,maybe you are thinking of something?
or maybe,maybe and maybe?"

please erase the sadness and this morose feeling.
not at all,please.
i don't like this feeling tough!
my research found the meaning of MOROSE from Cambridge Dictionary is:
"unhappy,sad and unwilling to speak and smile".
so,yes!it is.I am feeling this way.unfortunately..

ok.ok.ok.ok.ok.and ok..
i wanna be ok.ok? :)
life is tough,but GOD gives us chance to manage it,right?
so,yeah.do not waste your time to be sad,dear.
there is nothing to be sad about.
don't you ever spoil the joyful feeling that you had '',
you can go through this life with you positive thinking.
get all the points from the Critical Thinking Class to think.ok? ('',)
thanks to Madam Adeeba "yang kiut-miut"..
madam beshh!!muah!

this evening,two of us,me and my nephew;mika,
was at home.it was only two of us,because his mummy and papa
still at work.so,,i need to be HIS MUMMY!!
He called me "MUMMY" ok?haha
funny,ain't it?
yeah.yeah..im your mummy.
can feel the motherhood feeling to call him "sayang" already.hee~~
no.no.ain't got it.
in the future baru boley jadi "ibu orang" :P :P :P

back to the story,
when we were alone,Mika cried actually.
make me worried.and i felt pity at him.
and yeah,NO APPETITE TO EAT oke?
and at that time,all of sudden,i think about my mom.
(-.0) my true mom.
i can feel how she treated me when i was in my childhood and
i can feel the sadness when her children or including is not well,or ill.
what should i say?

this is the bot who made me almost burst of tears of missing.
and think of my mom :)

:: Mika or Mikail who is getting more tender and more " manja" with me.::

here is another story.
i have a wish to Qawy and his girlfriend.Lana right?
Happy anniversary.for the fourth month,is it?
im not sure coz i happened to know Qawy as he is my current classmate and
he is our class rep.so,good luck Qawy with Lana.
You guys are so sweet :)
i don't know.but i think,
i love my current classmates because of THEIR PERSONALITY
that i should admire and to make it as a good example.
you guys are genius and yeah,,what should i say?
you guys are great!!i like that.keep it up.
maybe because of my first time to have the juniors in class,
so,im not so familiar with it.
i still remember the first time i came to the class,
and i sat at the back ALONE.OK?A.L.O.N.E.
then,i text Mira to say that i almost cry to have junior classmates.
OMG.That was my major mistake.I SHOULD NOT.IM SORRY:(
for now,i think the situation turns around and otherwise!
sometimes,i can hear my heart says,
" i love my classmates.boley?".hehe
plural la.bukan singular.sayang semua.
tak ada la sayang macam boyfie,hehe.tapi SUKA KORANG :)
The confidence and everything in class.keep it up '',

----end of the stories of my classmates----

some following pictures from my family:

::rindu this cute chubby baby;Damia!!!nak cubiiiiiit pipi tembam tuh!!::

::ni Qistina(kakak Damia) and budak bulat (Syakir) ::
rindu kalian lah budak2 kecik yang comel lagi menawan dan hensem.
sorry tak balik cuti ni.kind of busy and having a hectic life in UIA.

in US,what time is it?
think of the person already... (-.-)
tomorrow,need to wake up early and go to National Library.
Maybe i would stay at Mira's house first,
then her dad would send me back.
thanks pak cik! :)

so,off to bed.
tunggu pon cam buah tak jatuh je .
Good night.

*p/s: penulis ketika ini cuba untuk mengubat hati yang masih lara.
dah tengah malam..tidurla..panda tunggu.


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