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Thursday, December 17, 2009

It is a Blast of Tiring Plus Joyfulness

Salam guys.

............yesterday blast.....................
,,,,,,,wanna know more?read further :) ,,,,,,,,,,,

So,to begin with,and to make your eyes flickered with joy because of JOYFUL by reading this story of mine, it is better if you have a pure heart and be ready to feel free to leave any messages and comments.love to have some advice for my self-enhancement:)
Thanks so much! *Hugs*
I'm giving you a word to show you some pictures.ngee~~
I was actually try to sound sincere to share this meaningful moment.
Well,it is not the best moment,but I can say that it is the time for my motivation,
at least to TOUCH A BOOK.(Singular).
Ok.It is not a book,but FILES(Plural). :P :P
Yay!I'm proud of myself who did not touch a book as long as this vacation gonna end soon.
Oh gosh.this is soo bad.
What on earth are you doing, Sarah?
(Monologue with myself)
Im sorry dear myself... :(

: three papers are waiting for you,dear::

Oh.I'm sorry.We gonna back to my story.
Well,in the morning,I wake up quite early(than the previous days),
because Amira ask me to accompany her to do the assignment of BMW.
(hey,it's not a car.It's a subject for my core-course)
Basic Method Writing.got it? :)

Early in the morning,I took a route between Desa Pandan and National Library.
HAHA.another funny part.
the time i walk fast to catch a taxi,i saw a chinese lady.wearing casually sexy.walk fast too.
and then,i try to look busy,stroll 'ayu'-ly but fast,try to look malay-look la..
after that,this lady walk calmly,
oh my.i thought she wants to take a car in front of her with her boyfie.
but,this is all wrong.
SHE CALMLY stop the taxi that i have just notice and MARK TO STOP,but she got it FIRST.
what the fish!!
Im the one that SHOULD get the taxi ok?amoiiiiya....
I was actually quite tempered,but it is all ok lahh..(try to sound nice)
So,i just wait for another cab and there you are..
haha.i GOT IT.no worries:)
the green one.(Bella's favourite fanatic colour)
the taxi took me to National Library and i had to cross the road.
Luckily there was a "jejantas",and there was where I had waited for my girlfriend(im not lessy)
she's my classmate,my dormmate,my EVERYTHING.(Cewaaahh..jiwang me) :P

oh gosh.lama gile waiting for this mak cik.
then ,it was healed when this one person text me,replying the misscall.hehe
thanks amor! (hugs) ;-*
it is just a few messages,but i did not felt lonely.
there you goo the love.

then,after a few minutes(almost half an hour),
i saw the brown mak cik.merangkap Cik Mira Sayang.
amboi2..lama cheq tunggu hang.ingat ang sampai dulu.LOL..
Because of the reason that both of us did not take any meal yet,we went to the Cafeteria.
Im starving for foood..
so,we ate.im sorry nasik,I did not finish you up.Im full.I really can't.IM SORRY.
(i write it scrawl-ly not to make you sad,ok?)
maybe i have screwed you up.
and i know "someone" will get angry with me.(far-person) kih3
(ok.you can scold me,so I will look for a chocolate which can connote me to smile ;)
alright,end of the story in the library.

:: silent please::

:: laptop of mine::
need to email the assignment to Madam Shamimah.

we studied for a few hours,then Mira told me silently and with full of "carefullness".whisperly.
afraid if i get angry perhaps.LOL.
OK.then,i look at her,stare and said. "No hal." hahaha.
that's good.Good desicion to make me get my "dreamed stuff".
you will know later what item is that.
hope it's not a waste of purchasing it :)
i can bring it to class then.So,will be useful and effective :)

so,can you guess what Mira had whispered?
hey,Times Square of course:)
her favourite spot of spending time.
ok.i just followed her and we took public transport; Monorail to reach there.
It taught me though how to get used with those public transport.
to be an independent girl:)
at this time,i heard my heart said "today gonna be a tiring day".
it's ok after five days of spending time at home and did nothing to burn the calories.lol...
at the end of spending time at Times Square,Mira told me that her friend and her boyfie's friend gonna meet us.then i said," I don't want to.plzz.."
Mira said" hey,it is not your boyfie.it is her boyfie.so,walk with me,not with him."
hahahaha.ok.surrender lah mira.baik.baik... ^_^
what irritate me was,her boyfie was like a moody man who was not so mature showed his unpleasent look of his face.not smile at all.
so,i was just keep calm.actually,bot of us get annoyed with this boy,
"hey,ingat ko baguss sangat??nak buat muka dengan makwe?buat muka dengan kami?huh!"
blah..me and mira just left them.we took another escalator to escape from them.from that boy actually. I thought we already in the glory of escapaing,but then, they are still there.
waiting fro us to get back to the monorail.call Mira and said they will join us.
SO,ok.ok.and ok.fine..Forgive to forget (-.-)
at night,Mira's father fetch us and send me to my sis home.

yeah..to end,let's recite surah al-asr and tasbih kaffarah.hehe.
Just kidding. :D

I've promised to show you some pictures,right?
There you are.Have fun!Have a nice day!
Have a blast of joy,despite of having sadness.Alright?

:: again.picture with Mr.Sn0wman yang hensem lagi manis tersenyum::

::snap the picture on the escalator.nice,isn't it? ::

:: I bought bag :) :::
so tired of choosing.hee~~


do not like to take these pills :((

Gotta go,guys.
With lots of love..
(kisses & hugs)
(girls only) :P

nah,saya bagi ros! :)

i guess i NEED AND MUST do some anhancement now.
think of the examinations which are around the corner make me very anxious about the result.
cannot cope with this fear.fear of failure.
so Sarah,wake up!!study laa... >.<


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