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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

:: S.A.Y.A. S.A.Y.A.N.G. K.A.M.U::

:: S.A.Y.A.N.G::

im in my room now.still facing this black box and flat pink
skin colour of this laptop.or,,my notebook.hehe
(blaja computer la katakan) :P
em.actually,im in BOREDOM.ugh!!
no wonder i have a looot of energy to type and update my blog
and keep blogging all day.wee~~
plz22...syakir,cant wait to see you!miss u soo much!!
Kak ngah rindu syakir lah..(dh menngedik) :P
mika pon RINDU jugakk..
nk pggil mak ngah ke?tanak lah.bunyi cam tua sgt.hagaga.


ok lah.now is another part of the stories,cause i have a loot of stories.
about last week,me and my friends(mostly from my room)
hang out to Mid valley..And the moment that i have captured was soo
meaningful that i can curb myself from loving them as my own sis:)
mmuah!! ;-*
soo thankful for having them.I love you,friends,who have read my blog.
my feeling right now.LOVE YOU.
Actually,i cant describe it wif word,coz it is very deep in my heart
(ceewah!jiwang plak) :P
n mira n the gang,told me to go to gelato to buy ice cream.
i'd just follow them and tell the girls that i want the creamy one.nyum3!! :D
i think,i had choosen the mixing of ice cream with oreo.
sedap wehhh...
worth it even only 1 small cup cost about around rm6 i guess.
mira does not like milk.
so,ok fine.kau pilih yg buah je eh mira?
aku nk yg ada susu jugak.huahuahua.
takpe kan?ti bleh rasa ko punye.ngee~

::ok fine.gambar skandal! :: :P

oopsie.kitorang mkn ais krim masa dh nak balik.before that,we played bowling first.
the music is soo loud ok?feel like im in disco.lol.ok.not.debush!
poor thing..paan dh penin pale masa masuk tempat bowling.sabar ye paan:)

:: left: loser. right: the winner.yay!!! ::
yeah!!beat them!!im the winner!(even bukan super dupper bagus pon sarah oi.haha)
:: naa,,not the good side of taking pic .ok.takpe.fokus kat bola.belum baling dah jatuh.haha.takpe.janji aku highest!!huhu

:: ok.saya iktiraf dila sbgai perempuan melayu terakhir yg main boling pakai jubah.masa nak baling,kena angkat kain sikit.takut jatuh.hehehehek.. :P ::
:: ok.mine is the different one.yg plaing comey kan??hik3.tak ley blah~ ::

to tie up,actually,to play bowling is really the main point we went to Mid.And it is all sudden that i decided to go..even there's study circle,,but,,er,,fasi sendiri lepas tgn.
oh hey,tp dh buat replacement ok?cewaah.cam replacement class plak.
as abg dat said,once you want to lead people,dun forget to feel SINCERE.Thats the point..
well,it is true.coz i feel easy and sincere to give them and share the knowledge.
so,there's no problem ..sure!u can try it :)
haha.dh puas merapu rapu dan merepek2.so,tibalah masa untuk packing barang.
duuhhhh,..malas la plak...(can u see this lazy face?)

kepada semua yg di Malaysia dan di U.S.@Canada.ngehe



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