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Saturday, November 28, 2009


how are u doing,people?
it s already 2.24am...
ughh..sleepy already.just finished up my assignment 2 CCT Class.
CCT- "Creative and Critical Thinking"- in case some people do no know :)
tomorrow,look forward to see my mom and my big baby;Syakir.
He went overseas(menyeberangi Sungai Golok) :P
G luar negara; Thailand.hehe
cayalah dik..kak ngah pon tak penah gi.tak penah melepasi sekatan kastam tuh.huhu
cepatla balik dik..nak peluk.nk cubit pipi.hahaha.

now,it is starts to rain..must be cold tonight(night ker?dh pagi dah ;D)
em..sebenarnye got a lot to tell,.but,no time for this. i mean,quite busy.even im home,but,still a lot of stuff to be settled.
dont know where should i go by tomorrow morning.
should i follow kak long back to KL first?since bus for all Kelantanese is on Monday;day after tomorrow . *blur* -.-

just now,around 10pm,i had chat with "him".
tenx dear~~
the distance does not count.hehe
we already have'nt contact each other almost 1 month.
how impressive huh? ^_^
he went to his aunt house in Canada and will be going back to US by 12pm(in M'sia)
take care eh :)
bes ke beraya rumah acik?oo..somalian punye makanan, sedap tak ?huhu

i had just sent the email to Syaira.
coz she will take part to do the slide show.thanks Syaira:)
jasamu dikenang.hee~
we are consist of Che,me,Nad and Syaira.
so,hope to do the best.keh guys?:)

ok..i think i gotta go..
off to bed already:)
Good night..take care people.,.

::Pics kat bawah ni,saje nk upload.hehe::

--> pesal masam ni Sarah?haha..

:: i love the flowers.. ::

::hehe.saje mengimbau kenangan ::


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