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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


how are u doing,people?
ceewah.cam lama sgt je..
actually i wanna tell u bout 1 damn good thing n moment that i
had went through.n it's very inspirational.
its about being a fasi actually.hope to be the good one :)
hope so..i gotta know the master of all fasilitator
n his name is Bro Dat. i don know how he got the name.
at first,it is quite awkward to talk to him and make him as friend.
but,with good intention(insyaallah),
we can get along well:)

ok.the first time he asked us about our aim to go to the programme,
i answered it SINCERELY.
"saya dtg sbab fana suruh.sbb dia ckp tidur kat hotel.haha"
haha..everybody laugh. :D

Well,i cant tell ya that detail,coz its
quite hard to recall.(mak nenek).hehe
but there are a lot of LDK;Latihan dlam kumpulan.
so,its fun actually.
n here is the pic of our grup.we r group number three:)
consist of : Daun,Juman,Hafiz,Sarah,Atikah,Tiqoh,Ju,n two more.hehe
sorii..kan dh ckp mak nenek,lupa nama :P
this is the first task that we need to draw.kena buat mind map.
ciri2 fasi idaman semua org.
so,here it is:)

::: ok x mind map kami?hehe:::

::bila masa terluang,what else can we do?lets snap picS!!:::
::ok kan tnds?tgkp gmba tnds sbb paan suruh.dia kata,first thing kena tgk ialah tnds!haha::
::: muslimat side::

::my group member.Daud is looking at one of the girls sbb takut kena turn dia.ni main seven up :) :::
:: abg dat kat tgh yg mata tutup.haha.ni sepatutnye grup kami je yg tgkp gmba,tp ada plak kat blkg yg mnyibuk .duhh! ::
:: with rozi.mknn free..apalagi?makan2..:::
:: sara,tikah,rozi,syahira,k.aini.hehe.look pinky by the way :) ::

:::yeah,,,the bedroom!!mira rasmi dulu ah!dia lompat ats katil nih!::

:: me and tikah.dgn kenangan kami melukis.huhuhu.sbb kami 1grup::

em...ni je la kot..dh maghrib ni.hehe.so,gotta stop.
hayya a'lassolah....:)
so,bye2..take care..nnti kita smbung cite.daa~~


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