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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Everything is wrong.

Salam pretty people. For now, i just need to spill out everything in my head and in my mind, so that i wont go crazy screaming like crazy people. Okay? LOL.

Im so sorry for not posting entries for such a long time, (the last post was during Ramadan. heee). So yeah, SELAMAT HARI RAYA! MAAF ZAHIR BATIN! forgive me for all my wrong-doings, okay?
I'm just  a normal human being who always commit mistakes. T_T

By the way, the main aim for posting this is actually to make me feel better, so that 'everything' in my mind will get lose or dissapear from me. PLEASE, NOW. Yeah, NOW. *inhale, exhale* and, smile :)
Or else, i'd just lying in bed, eventhough i was actually cannot sleep at all. hey,,,,, menses suckkk! nak cakap ni je T___T

when i feel like everything is wrong, maybe i should tell myself this.


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