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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Carpe Diem


As you all know, I'm an English student who learn English Literature and Linguistic.
And probably some of you dont know, I just wanna share with you that all of us, (my classmates) had so so much fun! You know, like we have to acting, dancing (not that rap music or something. only what Iwa did for slow motion of dancing in Matsukaze for the last semester) :D

Well yeah, some of my friends dont really like on what Im doing. Well, me myself dont really have a clear picture on how my career would be. But seriously, I think English sells, on how my English lecturer in Nilai said to me on facebook. :)

Actually, the point of posting this, is to show you on how we ever had the bessssst English lecturer. She thought me Drama and Poetry. As usual, she always make people stunned. She expressed on how people should see violence, murder or betrayal in society. You know people, you are not ugly, but the society is.

Yeah, I'm stunned. Yes, this is what the truth is. The truth lies in the ugly society.



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