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Thursday, May 26, 2011

life is about making you smile by people around you. ^.^

why is it easy to cry over the same thing again and again? :'(

P.s: its a sweet picture anyway. no objectives here :p

will off to motivation program of Score A- somewhere in Selangor.
the place is quite near to the place where the landslide occurred. well, Allah can protect us. insyaAllah everything is fine. :)

hopefully, the students will get something and we ourselves can get some valueless experiences too.
take care, people. ^.^

This is the past program in Raub. It was a success,  InsyaAllah,
wa  ,,  Alhamdulillah  :)

this was in mass, on how we want them to speak too.  :)

Advice to self: be sincere for the sake of Allah, insyaAllah there will be so much fun and reward. :) Sila LIKE! XD

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