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Monday, May 2, 2011

Girlfriends' matter.


Somehow, I know that girls are complex. I realize that.
 Somehow, we become too concern towards each other, like how it involves so much feelings and emotions in our friendship. Like how a couple has so much feelings towards each other. SERIOUSLY. =.=''

But, when we have that kind of feelings, that's what we called as 'ukhwah fillah' right? :')
Btw, for sure, life without friends are nothing to me :') they are my drugs that I cannot live without. :)
Thanks to her, her, or her, at least for now, I'm willing to 'blogging'. Hehe. And, so sorry that Sarah is emotional.But, she's happy inside that she still have friends. Yes, she'd be crying out loud, but still, she has some love for herself and her friends. :')Thanks, all girlfriends and friends. <3


One simple “I love you” can change everything for the better - Submitted by:  missursa
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I love you, girlfriends.  xx


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nusaibah said...

I love you k.sarah :))