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Monday, May 9, 2011

Awesomeness is truly awesome. No not deny that.

I know I'm awesome . XD
There are so much things happened around. Me and myself just cannot imagine how thankful I am. :)
So much joy, so much tears. But things happen for reasons. Right?
Well, try to be awesome more and more. Life is fun. Put aside all you pain, because life is no fun without trials. :')
Me is deciding either to take short sem or work at Kakak's office,as a consultant at Takafful. Seriously, it's hard to choose the best, when you have two choices. T___T

Awesome mom and twin. :DDDDD <3
(sorry for the low-quality-picture)

Gonna miss everyone.

Thanks for so much fun and love during Baktisiswa in Terengganu. Had so much fun! :)
And thanks to short sem too.  T____T

Take care people. :) Sila LIKE! XD

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Faaizz d. Zul said...

hello, mama punye twin.

asal pict tu super duper low quality?

[video] suatu hari di felda tene, besut