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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A sick heart is smiling. :')

Salam. Surely, today, the day was just fine. Me and my friends (most of them are my classmates). So, basically, i have no idea on how to make me more happy than just smiling and giggling all day long. But then , when it turned out to Maghrib, we can see how “what goes around comes around” is really happening to me. (i use present tense- with the current time). Well, my mood was ruined and i have no idea on how to make me smile. Yes, i can smile.(as you know that i can EASILY smiling to people, eh?) and yes, i can smile. But the heart is hurt. Right now. J have no idea. Maybe it’s because of how i’m so happy today. Usually, when you feel to much joy, yet it can turn out to be vice versa. Yet, im hoping for a sincere smile to be curved on my face. see pretty smiles?  :)

And today, i’ve attended about four classes (which one of them is not attended by our lecturer-  Political Science). Hell yeah, im very tired. Yet, i can smile so that i know that im doing great J (before this saddened me bad) T__T

Well, the classes that i have attended were:

8.30 am: Science of quran
10.00 am: Bahasa Melayu Lanjutan
11.30 am: Political Science. (just entered for half an hour)
3.00 pm: Introduction to Drama (there will be 6 plays to be performed)

Those four classes were alright. But i think i would drop Political Science, since I am soooooo not into politics.  -.-‘  

And, by theway, in BM class, i was sooo over-excited to speak in Malay. Tehehhe! And yes, im the one who talked and introduced myself THE LONGEST, I guess. :p
Even though the lecturers of BM and Science of Quran is not that good (as said by people), i  think I CAN AND WILL LOVE THEM. Tak ade kot. :p InsyaAllah. :)

I think that’s enough for the time being. This heart is sick, yet i still can breath. Amin ya Rabb. :’) Hopefully, i can comfort myself. To you, thank you. :’) Im strong. :’)

 to Sayba. thanks for accompanying me this evening. i love it when im happy. :)




nusaibah said...

noprob k.saraa xD
nxtime ad masa lepak darlkutb lg deh. lol. mcm xde tmpt laen jeh haha :P

m_aizat said...


intro to political science is not that political la.. hehe~

just a course to intro u to the workings of a nation..

like what is democracy, parlimentary system, voting system etc.. ;)