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Monday, November 8, 2010

. That's the Only Way, Man.

"friends are what reflects you. Friends are what making you up the whole day."
- copy right from Sarah Saadi. ;p

Just to make up stories, after writing exam which was sooo damn-cannot-buat, I was straightly told Lina to go out, and I cant see anymore papers. (can u imagine that?)
Ughhhhh! I have no intention to receive any more papers,and to see anything relates to exams!
that's enough! yes, i've been soo REBELLIOUS! oh God..forgive me... :((

So, after the exam, we had just went out. I really really do, really have that intention to release all the stresses! ya Allah, forgive me. Dad, forgive me. that's the only way to make me back to normal. :(((
I was so down  :(  I was like screaming in the hall. Luckily it was'nt. :(

okay, enough with all this crap. Im tired of thinking all the crap too.
i was so full and my tummy cant receive any more food. until night, no more food received. heh.heh.
and , yes, i didnt take dinner! :) err, its because of my headache. :(
so, i just slept all the night, till the next morning. 
Alhamdulillah. :)

now, it's the time to see the pictures do the talking.
I need to get some more energy to finish all the assignments. 
Writing Assignment. again! T____T

cant wait to be free from all books. err (should i say this or not?) 
ok bye. 

here are some pictures that have been snapped. :P

oh malu dengan gambar ini! -___-''

lina gadis melayu! :D

eh eh sungguh berjimat makan indulgence cake! :D
lina, ini bukan candid! :P
salah satu cara berjimat. err tapi still, RM5.80 :(
nah, amik bil! bayar!
(im broke daaaahhh) T____T

ok. dah habis. bye :D



Anonymous said...

hahaha..gadis melayu eh? hehe kasara, i'll try to be a better candid photo snapper ok? haha.

Sarah_Saadi said...

hahahha. tu la.. redo jah ore kalu lina hok amik gamba gak! hueh hueh :D