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Friday, November 5, 2010

. Stress Out. Hang Out .

I was so down. And  I think I need a company from friends who can take me to get some fresh air. I've text-ed the person, but there was no reply. It's okay. Life is about independence. I will make it up by myself. I have other inner strength.Thank you Allah. :) 

And I wont be bothered with ugly people around. SO yeah, wake up Sarah. It's time to be wise. Wishing that I wont get bored as long as I'll be enjoying some sort of activities at home later.

p.s: Poetry exam was !!@##$$$#$%^%^&^^&&&^*&^**^*.

(see how long is that! and I know, sometimes, the sadness is given to build up and make you stronger! hwaiting Sarah!)

Future wishes:

Subhanallah. nak bawak anak2 datang sinih! haha. in the future.

suka. comel. tapi takut kalo terbalik. 
saya tak reti berenang. hahaha. shame on you :P


p.s 2: need to hang out after this. worried if i might be
 doing something stupid after this. :(


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