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Saturday, November 6, 2010

. Did It. :D

Salam people.  
I have told u that i will be going somewhere to release all the stresses right?
TO be more specific, it's AFTER POETRY EXAM. :(
I found some friends too, who went out just to release stress.
Yes, it's the same paper. damn.

Well, yes, I went to JJ with Lina and Syairah.
Nothing much to tell, coz I need to get ready for my Writing exam on tomorrow morning.
Let the pictures do the talking yeah! :D
waiting for the bus. -_____-''
sempat lagi tangkap gambar. :P

see? u want one? get yourself! hehehe

these are Lina's and mine! :D

Actually, there are still a lot more pictures. so, this is it.
sampai di sini sahaja. haha
sorry. will be uploading some more if ingat ye? hehe
tata! wassalam! :D



inSan leMoh sEgalo2nyo said...

jgn mkn bnyak2 donat tu nnti gemok :)
meh bagi kat sini satu

Sarah_Saadi said...

hahahah., gemok ko? xpo. ore kato gemuk tu comey! hahahaha :D