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Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Tentative by Mama and Abah.

Time: 12.30 pm
Venue:  Kampung Bukit Abal, Pasir Putih.
Members:  Syakir, syahirah, me, mom and dad. 
Event: Hari raya gathering to eat a looooot of meat. LOL

flying kick kat sape?

kerete antik ayah yang baru dibeli dan dinaiki buat pertama kalinya. XD

The obsession of taking photos have decreased recently.On the first day of Raya, I got RM10. Isn't it great? hehe. BTW, Raya Aidiladha on this year seems like a bit dull and not happening anymore, since some members were not going home and just having a hectic life in KL even though in raya. haha. pity you, my sister and brother! To my brother, all the best for your SPM! =)
Selamat hari raya. Let's sacrifice a lot by having His blessings.   ;')

P.s: terasa ayat English aku dah macam budak tadika. oh!

pagi raya masak Mushroom Soup je okay jugak XD

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