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Monday, October 18, 2010

Poetry Event. (Romantic, Beat and Mystical Poetry)

these are some photos that have been captured during our poetry events.
there were three groups altogether. so, my group represents section three
as the last event  and performance to be seen and watched by people. so, here some
photos do the talking. lets feast our eyes so that u know how
the event goes. well, ALHAMDULILLAH
all of the work hard, the pressure are paid off.
i do love the work and the people who contribute a lot. i do! 
*thumbs up*
eventough im not the one who is soo perfect with my work.
im soryyyyy :/
eventough there were a lot of screaming (since its mytical, right?)
well, the actors and actresses did their good job and i do amazed by them. 
good job classmates! love u all! ^.^

aina was trying to use that red clothe as something
to be captured in a photo :P

ladies in red .
i never wear this red and this bright -____-'

this is Haiqal aka Jason Marz on that night.
he's from romantic poetry group :)
(two weeks before our group)

this is Alana from section 2, represents Beatnikz group.
their performance was awesome man! *thumbs up*

continue to my group. a pic with my classmates.
we r satisfied with our job :)
aku mekap sikit malam tu doehhh -____-'
liya punye keje, sbb die mekap artis terbaik. nasib baik muka
x macam momok. ;p

kiko as a devil girl on that night. see that face?? -___-'
and people around her too ;p
 all in all, everything was just fun, and i do love and appreciate all the cooperation given.
well, really hope that we get a high mark and satisfied with ourselves. enjooy! :)


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