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Friday, October 29, 2010

All Praises to Allah :)

Dear Allah, all praises to you. Thanks for everything. I feel relief now.
I hope that the days ahead will be better than before.
Hopefully I can be strong as how other women do.I hope so, ya Allah. I wish. 
And, hopefully I can bear with all difficulties in life and get prepared for the days ahead, for my bright future. Amiiiiin~

FYI, i miss my home now. I miss Adik, Abah, Ma, and everyone lah!Aaaaaaa...rinduuuu :'(
FYI jugak, I never felt this lonely, as long im away from them. (terbiasa duduk asrama kot).
Tapi this time, no lying, Im missing them damn much! lagi2 budak tembam. rindu, dik!! :'(
And I did something silly. When i have his pictures playing on slide, I was crying like a baby. nyahaha *blushes*

ma, i miss you :'(
Mama (s), Abah, pray for me. Sometimes, I had not in mood. But when I think about them, it gets me motivated.
Hopefully, I dont make it halfway.And, keep on going, walking and FLYING. :)

Last night, me and my roommates were doing awesome things, which was to wrap our lights yang dekat meja study,and get the rooms filled with different colours, like pink, blue, green and purple for Lina's room.
All of the rooms are soooo COLOURFUL! Yaaaaayyyy! ^.^
Nusaibah also got so much excited, and asked Lina to wrap her lamp too.Walaupun dia dari bilik lain. Weeee~ Awak tak malu ye Saibah nak tiru orang! hihi

Dear Allah, thanks so much for this lovely friendship. They are my crying shoulders and my sweet cupcakes, when I'm in need. I do love them. I really do. :') Sayang koraaang... *hugs*
when im in need the cupcakes, i eat.lol

Guys, good luck for finals! Achieve the dreams and keep on going. Make effort, and leave it to Allah. :)
seriously macam sewel sikit bila musim exam nih :((

To Paan and Fana, happy birthday! may Allah bless you guys! xoxo



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