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Thursday, September 16, 2010

. Friendship and feelings remain the same.

Salam people. it's been a few day has passed from the first Syawal. the same goes with my student life. i have to back to my student life in Gombakk. it's been a great holiday for these few days. well, surely, since this is my home. of course, i'd love to meet all the family members. and of course u do too, right? ^.^ 

and today, my cousin will stay to my house. great! gonna have my new member and friend to chat with.huhu. btw, im just thinking about the next presentation that i have to get prepared; SOHA and Rasok presentations. together with poetry quiz. matilahhh! :(
 since this is a holiday, u know that i havent touch a single book yet. LOL Good for u, sarah! T___T

my schedule as long as im home, is to hang out with beloved girlfriends on tomorrow morning. yeah i know, life is just to have some great people around you. :') thanks guysss. i do appreciate our friendship eventough i havent uttered it in front of u. okay? ^^,

and and and,, i've just found out my new obsession, which is EDITING PICTURES.
well, this is it. here are some results if you would like to feast ur eyes. :)

p.s: dont give a high expectation la ehh ;p

IIUM Buddies ^.^

reunion kecil-kecilan bersama kawan2 sekolah rendah. hebat taak kami masih contact? :D

i have uploaded some more photos. but i have no idea why those pics cant be uploaded. redho je la eh?
btw, i've found this beautiful and cute blog. huaaaa sweetnyeee.
and somehow, i miss that person too. nak nngis. sedih la plak. haih haihhh :'(
i just cant help it when this sadness came. 
but i have something to share:

''sometimes it's hurt when you laugh all out loud. however, the bleeding heart inside there is what 
makes it even worse. '' T___T

that's it. im trying to be happy. but please, i have feelings too.
i just errr miss that person. you. :)


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