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Monday, August 30, 2010

. Sometimes, You Have to Relate It Yourself .

sometimes, time is just flying away leaving us doing nothing. but, can u see if human on their own stage with their own lives, have been living miserably and happily ever after? do u think its possible to have happiness all  time,and making all people happy? i dont know why im writng this, but I think that I need to make me think about myself and how and why human was created by Allah the Almighty. is that to make people feel so much burden on behalf of youu? no right? so, u're right. knock your head and see if its hurt or not. if it's hurt, then you are still alive. come on, say ALHAMDULILLAH to Allah now. tehehe :D

sometimes, yes, i think that my course sometimes neglect about how i should relate Islam in my life. but hey, Sarah, you have to relate it yourself. dont ever blame the lecturers, the courses or somewhat. u might think that way, but it is not so true, since what u've learned in previous school is just what you need to have as a basic to be a Muslim. yes, to be better, be a Mukmin. (a muslim who is a true believer) right people?

well, as we know, im majoring in English, of course it is not that much compared to IRK students. right? some of other friends who know that I learn Linguistics, Poetry, ect, all those western subjects (for them), they might think its a boredom to be in class for hours just to be dramatic. u think so? u better think again. Okay., we can consider it again since  i still have my Islamic courses, like Revelation as source of knowledge(RASOK),, and SOH (science of hadith).  seriuosly, i was sooo in mood to be in those two classes. u think i should change my course? LOL. NO. maybe I'll just stick to English and we'll see if I can get a high pointer and minoring in EDUCATION. I WOULD LIKE TO. I HOPE. :)

Ooh oh oh. another options are, to be minoring in:
- IRK ^^,
- Arabic Language. (BAR) ^^,

OHHH. im going crazy. its okay, we just see how it goes and get the pointer first! hihi

Oh please, dear Allah, let it become easy for me to be the top among the best. I know some other students also have their ability to be among the top 10 or top 5. oh plz let me in, ^^  the aim is only to make my parents know on how to feel happy for their daugher. I will, insyaAllah :)

to say that i was happy to be in RASOK and SOHA class, i think i need a lecturer who knows on how to encourage me giving answers in class. You know why? i want to get a high esteem in class. i want to challenge myself that i can give answers to the whole class and i know that i can. its just, I CAN! thats all. you know you can, so just do it :)  

accidently, my late teacher told me before: "hmm. kalau kita tengok, biasanya pelajar2 foreigner je yang duduk depan, pastu anak2 melayu islam ni duduk belakang, suka menyorok muka dalam meja, pastu bagi peluang kat foreigner untuk tunjuk diorang bagus''. 

okay. this is not about condemning other people based on their skin or whatsoever thing, but its about making and place yourselves among the top. that's all. how you can challenge yourselves and make other people to at least, KNOW THAT YOU CAN SPEAK. 
''ohh this girl is not deaf.'' 
its enough right? :)

IM DONE WITH;  Science of Hadith Term Paper + RASOK Term Paper

Upcoming next burden : Linguistics and Poetry Quiz -___-
- im very pathetic, y'know. 

GOOD NEWS: In just a few days, i'll be back to Kelantan! ohh heavan gilaaa okay? :DDD
nak mintak mak masak macam2. haha. i know she will. i told her that I'll make a list of food for a request to her. huhu. LOVE U , MOM! :D

okay, need to open my Linguistics book for the upcoming quiz. wish me luck!
(@_@) i'm very nerd nowadays. how i wish i can wear spectacles and holding books all the time. :)

isnt it cute to be NERD? tehehhe :DD

--<-<@ (A rose to my dear readers. hihi)

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