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Thursday, August 12, 2010

. Saya Jiwang? MUNGKIN ;D .

when the heart speaks out your name, 
i cannot stand to forget you, 
since you and me is in one name,
i know that i love you.

dear dear my lover,
can you be there wait for me?
you know you are my dear,
please give us a chance for you and me.

a chance that i could never ask for,
to be with you only in one part,
as we can ask from the Creator, 
not to be apart.

hey i love you still,
i know you are the hero, 
as it grows still,
and never turns zero.

a princess is there waiting for you obidiently,
for her prince to smile at her,
as their love is lovely,
and it is a love in a bubble.

[ hoii hoii saya sungguh jiwang malam ini. haha. dan sungguh, ini adalah petikan dari sebuah poetry yang saya ada terbaca suatu masa dahulu.hehe.]

to Eeyda, i'll be looking for ur new blog. actually dah follow mung. cuma tak edit situ(kat blog aku ni) jah. hehe. 
okay, sila paste link blog anda d fb wall saya. hehe. thanksss! :)

selamat bersahur ye kawan-kawan! ;D

Sarah Saadi :)

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