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Friday, August 13, 2010

. Blame the assignments and quizzes!! .

'' Dont take her hand when she comes to you, dont smile at her when she smiles at you, dont love her when she likes you, because I'm the one who opens a heart for you. ''

p.s: ni adalah status yang telah ditulis di status d fb, tp mcm xjd klik 'share' sbb takut ada org ckp SARAH JIWANG. haha

okay, for the time being, i know that i am soo neglecting others. well, maybe some ppl or friends notice about this. u know what? i love my friends! seriuosly, u wanna know who? seriosly, if u think that you are  my friends, yes, indeed its very true and i appreciate u so much., oh please tell me that u wont get envy eventough u see me with another friends. i have a right to have A LOT OF FRIENDS, right? plz nod. okay. haha., im satisfied now. oh my god, i love u more than u love me, okay? i appreciate all of my frenzz. (can u see my big eyes? haha)

and yeah, i know that i've been looking for some new friends too. and just now, in a study circle, i have a new fren too, named Fatimah, from Saudi Arabia. seriously, after we met up on our first meeting in halaqah, i was just fascinated  with her beautiful eyes. haha. ?(aku bukan lesbi okayyy??? HAHAHA) and okay, i know, since women pun dah terpukau ngan dia, mesti lah si laki2 yang tak kuat imah tuh lagi terpukau. kan kan? baik kamu angguk wahai lelaki. haha. 

and she text me just now. alahh, saje la. kan kawan baru. huhu. the time i was happily surfing the internet, she replied the message. (sbnrnye tanya dia ada fb x, sbb nak add. haha). okay, fine. aku sebenarnye saje je cite pasal dia, sbb dah xde cerita sngt nak kongsi.

im currently at my sister's home, sbb nak tukar selera dan boring di mahallah. dan juga, because of all my dormmates left our lovely room! hmmm :D
im at Ampang! plz come! pay me a visit laaa *smbil dahi berkerut sbb banyak lagi assignment tak sentuh malam nih. haih haihhhh*

okay okay nak taip kat sinilah semua kerja aku. haha. nanti u guys remind me eh? ;D

1- Science of Hadith (about Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim)

2- Revelation as a source of knowledge. (topic: marriage in Islam). 
-aku memang suka marriage2 ni. haha ;p 

3- poetry (it's a class project. i have kiko, nad, amy, qawy, nusaibah, sahi , and one foreigner fren) alahhh lupa nama dia. sorry gentleman! :)

4- Linguistics: anything relates to language. okay lah :)

hahhh. a lot more, including some ayats and hadiths that i have to memorize. its okay, its for my our own good, right? hmm bagus bagus ;D

and actually, if u guys notice, i have something new in my blog. i wont tell u. plz leave a comment if u know the answer. :D
okayyy? agak2 ni mcm kuiz la eh? hehe
sbb ada soalan, dan must be the answers too :)

i love that man! weee <3
(i know its small) ;p
i just love the photo and i love that baby! weeee~ comel sngat! 

I LOVE U, MAHER ZAIN! ngeeee *blushing*

that's all from me, since i have to stop myself for talking no more. huhu.
tata! nak bgn sahur besok! niteeeee! XD


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