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Sunday, May 2, 2010

. Kindly Leave Some Thoughts? .

Dear youuu,,

where were you?
i wish i can ...............
*sambung sendiri*

Im sorry guys. today, i got no mood for posting
something exciting. i just have no idea on where to
go to, other than Allah.
for sure, HE is the best ever :)

but then , i also need someone which can be called as human
to talk to, orally perhaps.
i just have no idea on how to smile willingly,
and pretend like its not a fake smile ;/
i just can let go of everything easily (make it like its easy),
and live my life as happy people have ;/
from mid-day till the mid-night.

now its already at mid night.its already 1 am. huhu.
Guys, i sleep late this lately.
i dont know why.
i wish i can do this if i were in Gombak,
studying and everything. hehe.InsyaAllah (:

okay. something has diturbed me all this while
in business is that,
there are a lot of people, especially men,
who is approaching me.
i mean, I JUST UNCOMFORTABLE to have that kind of LELAKI2 GATAL!
oh pleeeeeeeease......
can i just punch, slap, kick them like this??

everytime this 'uncomfort zone' approached me,
i was like,
ugh!! blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

daddy, can i just QUIT from this job,
because i cannot stand those men keep "doing" this.
okay, the truth is, they did nothing,(the physical thingy),
but its NOT COMFORTABLE at all!
i can be friends with anyone, any genders,
but please, there is still some limits!! blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

lagipun, i was pissed off with some other things.
so, can i just,,....daddy? can i? -__-

(its okay, i know he still need my help,
and i myself cant stand to see him selling, doing works and everything.
sangat TAK SAMPAI HATI tengok ayah buat kerja. serius :(

so now, if i still can bear with it, i will.

but we'll see how it goes :)
trying to smile, bebeh!

im sorry. seriously, i was so down with this ,
and keep thinking on solutions.
i was pissed off when they asked for my phone number too!
and and, if they keep asking this stupid question again,
what should i answer then?
(in case if i have to work)
for your information, i work alone, by myself.
Im a GIRL.
the place is along the road, a lot of people passing by,
but i dont know why, because
i was kind of worried now, IF THE SERIOUS PROBLEM OCCUR...

so dear readers, can i get your attention to kindly give some comments?
blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comi need some solutions. please do so if IM YOUR FRIEND.
THANKS, FRIENDS blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

its okay friends. im still can smile. peace out! :)
dengan syarat, ada kek Indulgence ini, hehe~
im craving for this!! Secret Recipe, wait for me. XD

P.s: dah lari tajuk. tatau kenapa kek itu mesti ada kaitan dengan mood ini, huhu.
oh , sebabnye, the cake is a symbol for my happiness. hehe~


InaSazlan said...

em sush gk ni kan.xyoh caro la ko demo2 tuh,ore laki biasola gelenya.kito wt kije kite sudh.klu sy gk,klu xtehey terlajok sy explen molek ko ayoh sy.klu bab2 kaca ni skalo ayoh beres jah klu nk undur diri.diskas molek nga ayoh,konfem ayah phm situasi kite as ank puwe.kije kdai mkn ke cik sacougrah?

Putra said...

Sarah! so sorry for ignoring your request semalam..i thought you are talking about something fun, but it turned out to be NOT.

em sarah, in my experience, lelaki memang gemar mengusik hawker atau peniaga wanita..itu satu cabaran sebenarnya..and trust me, jangan terlalu terpengaruh dengan badigol2 itu semua..mereka bukan tahu apa pun other than menggatal..

as a matter of prevention atau precautious act (sorry for my ig-grammar-rereulality)saya suggest dari segi pemakaian tu (i don't know what you wear) akan beri impression pada pembeli2 ni, and then, cara anda melayan mereka. Tapi, orang yang gatal ni, layan macam mana pun bodoh juga. So, make sure anda bersikap tegas dan setiap kali diusik, jangan senyum tersipu-sipu malu, tapi buat muka garang skit, dan berani bercakap dengan sinis. ayat yang selalu saya suggest yang 4 sure meragut hati orang gatal macam ni ialah " eh, muka macam dah ada anak 5 pun mengorat lagi??" ini ayat for orang yang macam tua2 gatal. kalo yang muda, cakap "eh, kamu ni muda2 ada hati mengorat orang yang dah berkahwin?"...sometimes sarah, u have to be someone who u don't want to. As for this case, jadilah orang yang tua dan kononnya dah berkahwin. hahahaha apa punya cadangan ni =,=

Sarah, cara terakhir, amik saya bekerja! RM150 sehari sangat mengiurkan!!!!!!

sarah saadi said...

sarah> amalina: tenx sis.nanti saya bincang balik ngan ayah.terima kasihhhh:)

sarah> syed: mmg la.dh cuba buat GARANG laahh.. ok je. mmg akan cuba ignore je org cmtu.huuu... T__T