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Monday, May 17, 2010

. Just to Say Thanks .


Once upon a time:
I've smiled, I've laughed,
I've thought positively and happily,
I've given grins to everyone,
I've spread happiness to friends and families.

Now and the present time:
I'm sobbing most of the time, 
I'm laughing in tears,
I'm begging with myself to be okay,
I'm getting help from people to make me smile,
and I'm hoping for you to give my smile back.

This is just my way of sadness expression. 
Though it's hard to see,
but I know your heart can see me all the way. 

Thank you so much 


Thanks for all the followers, including my new followers.  

p.s: trying to fill up my post with lots of love. :)
so that, i can get so much love! 

Lots of love, 
Sarah Saadi ♥


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