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Thursday, April 22, 2010

. What happened? .

people, this is just another story to share with you guys,
as i've spent so much time free from book for holiday.
thus, my barain is totally empty and freeze because 
it has not been used for such called academic stuff,
and i haven't recalled and use it for such
"adventurous" purpose- 
to use your brain to think critically.
therefore, the result for that is,
i have forgot how to write an essay.
i mean , the steps and stuff.
OMG!! I feel like screaming.
hmm.. i wondered, if we were allowed to
write an essay as informal as this.hahha.
then i screwed more when my fingers started to
feel uncomfortable and awkward to write.haha.
silly me!
bukan OKU lahh!

well, i've promised my father and myself 
to take some day-off from work,
but now, the book is free from me too!haha
wish me luck for MUET baby!
sangat takut sekarang! sob2.

sedih dan takut. sob3

Sape cakap budak ni kiut? angkat kaki!

oh by the way, the past two to three days,
my laptop was not in good condition, so
i have to format my laptop for almost five times!
i repeat, five! duhhh......
recently, as i went one of the laptop center- to check
if i still can use the warranty,
but apparently, not anymore dear.
they said that my screen got some problem,
and maybe i have to take out my RM8OO note again!
so , this RM800 is the second time! *sigh*
dad told me to change the new one if it still give me probs.
daddy, you are so underestimate  inderstanding me. I LOVE YOU DADDY!

Daddy is the most lovable person i ever found! xoxo
me is  the one who hold the baby :)

one of the bear is missing from Malaysia :)

dear bear and panda ,
please be by my side.
i hope my fever recover soon.
i keep on coughing all the time.
uwaaaa...it's hard, plus, i cant sleep. T___T

je taime' (':


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