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Friday, April 23, 2010

. dear you.

dear you,
please end faster your finals.
ahah.muet, you too!cepatla habis!

dear you,
-i'll be waiting if you can pay the promise.
-i'll be waiting for your internet access.
-i'll be waiting for you to have some money.LOL.
-i'll be waiting for our dream to be achieved.
-i'll be happy if you're happy.
-i'll be happy if we pray for each other.
-i'll be happy if we are happy to live apart. (sob2)
-i'll be happy if you come back to Malaysia soon!haha

by the way, tomorrow is my MUET.
Just found out that i'll be taking it
together with Mimi.yippie!!

p.s: haha. i know u wont read this. (:


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