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Thursday, April 29, 2010

. this is annoying! please .

this is just to tell him how much i need him.lalala~ *segannya guna him yawww*

tengok? sekarang dah ada 'miss2' pulak.tolongla jangan baca kalau tak sukaaa..annoying ni..percayalah! haha. dah kalau degil sangat, sila kan lah! :)

nothing much to say, but i know that i need you.and te amour, mon amour.*sengaja guna bahasa lain, tanak bagi korang paham. haha*

dear you,
thanks for the email, because you just made my day. at first, yeah, i wanna cry, but then, the moment you talked about this and that, made me feel honoured to be the one.
it's okay if we do not get in contact. im just trying to be the one who can support you all the time. eventough it is impossible to sit next to you, but i know i can be there from 'here'.
i'll just wait for you in Malaysia. hehe. i know that you'll be okay with so many new things there, isnt it?
i pray the best for you, okay? take care of yourself. you know that you are thin, so please eat a lot! haha.
i know how to take care of myself, eventough there are still some time that make me failed to do so ;'(
tonight, i did go out with abah, syahirah and syakir. we ate at one of the relative's restaurant.i ate tomyam.yummy! (: i'll ask for that tomyam when you come back to Malaysia. hehe~

you know what? i did frowned the moment you said that you cannot get yourself to chat with me.
i was like, "ohh mann...agaiiinn??''.hehe.im sorry, this is my bad. i dont even know how to contrl my emotions.
hahaha.silly me.sorry :) now i can understand that you are struggling with examinations which is just around the corner right? all the best aite? good luck! i know you can do it. the past results which is not so good, you can still work harder to get a better marks. it's okay. there is still time left for you. just grab it!
*acecehh..semangat terlebih pulak orang cuti ni.hek3*

thanks for that promise. hope you can be there for the time that you have promised me.
take care of yourself ! all the best for the examinations and all the papers! ya libyu chibya! :))

this panda is in Kak Long's house.
i hope Syahir won't take it and hold it to sleep with him. haha~~
tata! maybe you are busy studying right now.
tapi Malaysia sekarang dah pagi.
tidur lewat lagi.huhu.
good night!


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