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Monday, April 26, 2010

. Like father like daughter .

these conversation may be a bit different from the real conversation
which take place at everywhere!

1) in a car

daddy:   aahh.. terlepas pulak nak berhenti beli mesin basuh.

me:    *dalam hati* "sejak minggu lepas lagi janji nak beli.
dah berbakul-bakul baju aku tak basuh." ;(

daddy: lain kali lah.

me: "macam ni la orang laki kan?suka tangguh." *dalam hati- monolog*

daddy: takpelah.depan sana kita u-turn.

me:     :))

haha.thats the story. and now, the machine is funtioning well,
because i was over excited to use my new washing machine! haha.
for your info, it has been raining cats and dogs for a few days.
so, it made me so "lazy" to wash clothes.
ok.that is so lame of me =__=

hey friends, please give and spread me some positive charges!
i do need them!
and please,,, cheer me up.i want to. i really want to -__-
i know it can be contagious with that happiness- 
to spread to other people. Alhamdulillah.

today's activities: i hang out with buddies.
they are: Iera, Meer, (to get my transcript),
also, Arif and his friend.
its my treat to foot the bill at McD!
ah! bijak ah kau arif mintak aku belanja masa aku baik hati.
haha, dush, perasan.
jangan lupa belanja aku balik kat Secret Recipe pulak.
aku nak balik Indulgence Cakeeee ;DDD
(kek tadi sudah dibaham dan disiat siap2 oleh ayah tersayang. haha)

we say: "yes, we have the same shoes!"
this is my childhood friend till now.
we already went to each other's house
and feel like we were meant to be siblings,
eventough it is not impossible.
isnt it cute? hehe.
so guys, plz buy one for the loved one.
you have to show that you want to share and have ALMOST 
everything in common.
it's SWEEEET tough! =)

p.s :  hey, i want you to tell me the password for my Skype. haha.
*sangat nyanyuk sebab semut*



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