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Sunday, April 11, 2010

. The best seller? Me! .

i just have one story to share with you guys.
it happened yesterday.
the cute little boy is helping his mom to say,
"adik nak jugak asam boy".
okay,from your hearing, of course you would say that
he wants ASAM BOI right?haha.
then his mom explained to me that he thought its an asam BOY.haha.
brilliant boy! ;DD
when i approached his car, i said to him,
sweet tak? sweet tak?hehe~

then today, again, i met a very cuuuuute boy -my customer.a little one, okay?
it's okay, just a little boy, aged below five :)
no affair :P
nothing to say, but i pinched his chubby cheeks.hehe.
mood: tengah gilakan budak2 kecik yang kiut.
(anda jgn perasan ye?) :P

and t0day,is a blast, because i've finished early to sell my stuff.
"tu pasal sayang gila nak berhenti kerja.hehe.
well, i just felt unsatisfied when my father did not count my salary
in front of me :(
but i know he gave me the best one lah.
em.today, i got RM171.00
oKaylah tu..alhamdulillah~
both the juice and fruit were sold out early-around 3pm :)
because of teh banner, perhaps :)
people can see me clearly.hehe.
okay, my stall, not to see 'the seller'

so now, gotta stop.
i met my best friend today!lalala~

Miss the old time with someone in US too.. T__T

Love you both! <3



Putra said...

SARAH. sejujurnya, anda berpotensi menjadi penculik kanak-kanak alaf baru. huuu.


tolong cubitkan pipi mereka mewakili saya!!!

Sarah pembuli said...

haha.okay saje..
baik..akan ku cubit!huhu.dorg sangat comel! :))