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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

. Being a Nanny? .

Flowers often been associated with happiness and blissful in life. It includes marriage and any happy occasions. Thus, people use flowers to show and express their feelings, invisibly through occasions, because they won’t express it orally, like, “I’m on top of the world to see my daughter (or son) get married!”. So, yeah, have you ever heard this kind of expression being expressed when you go for a wedding ? I guess, not. But people tend to use flowers. O ther than that, there are still some other nature that people use, which has been connected to human so long ; as long as human live in this world.

But people, the flowers do not connected at all, to what I’m talking about. But you can get that “feelings”. This is absolutely in a contrary with my little brother , who does not like to express feelings through “all those things’’, but he managed to show his feelings to sing songs. For your information,he is three years old. For example, he uses songs of Alif Aziz to sing. He asked me to play that song so many times, until I forced him to take a nap in the afternoon.huhu. tired of being nanny by the way.ughh.. but then , I told myself, that this is the way, how to be a good mom. Haha. Sence of motherhood in here :P

Today is april 13 right? So, today is my day-off from work. The intention to take a day off is actually, to study, look at books, and tell myself that I HAVE AN EXAMINATION! But, this is all useless since I only managed to take care of my brother,( fed him, joined him to watch movies.) By the way, this boy has not know what is the meaning of BOREDOM. Seriously, he keeps on watching Spongebob and Bee Movies a lot of times. (I cant even check my comments on facebook!) I don’t know. I guess it is more than twice. Plus, the movies take time more than one hour! Oh gosh! I’ve been tortured to give him a company, to watch that movies. He even remembered the dialogues, the lyrics and so on. Haha! Clever boy, Syakir! Ah okay, he is also, TOO TALKATIVE. I don’t even understand what he said. I just nodded and said, ‘yes,yes.”haha. funny isn’t it? ;DD now, he has fallen asleep, and I had to steal my laptop from him, silently. So, yes, I managed to tell you this ‘mesmerizing’ stories to be shared with.

P.s: feels exhausted in brain, even I haven’t opened a single book and does not use my brain in studying! +___=

wanna see how Syakir looks like? there he is!

no, this is NOT syakir! she's a female. this is Qistina :)

let's scroll patiently :)







ahha! ^^,

big ma'am at the back. syakir at the front :)

that BULAT is him! haha.

there he is. likes to see his own image in a laptop. =__=

take care people all over the planet!

wassalam :)


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