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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

. When Four Stories Become One .


Apparently, I have a lot of stories to tell you.
This is just about time how it flies so fast!
( tak sempat nak tangkap.hehe)

I think four stories are enough.Here we go.....

the first and second story: wanna say "THANKS" and "IM SORRY" to my daddy.

1st: Abah, I'm sorry for not saying THANKS OR TERIMA KASIH for all the things that you have done greatly to this beautiful daughter.
ah!im beautiful, but i'm not good enough for you. IM SORRY. T_T
* im sorry guna perkataan "beautiful" sebab nak puji diri* :P
maybe i'm not the type which will say thanks to my own great awesome daddy face o face.
abahhhh,,im sorry.mintak maaf.
tu la.sape tak nak buat facebook.salah Abah jugak.hehe.

2nd: THANKS for carrying my properties around . sampai rumah kak long di Desa Panda, tingkat empat, abah bawak tiga beg dalam satu masa, semuanya berat2..
masa tu mata dah berkaca :(

P/S: if yOu read this, please tell him that I LOVE HIM and I want to make him happy for the rest of his life . InsyaALLAH.

2nd: I wanna say thanks to my freind, Qawy for making me cried this morning.
" qawy, thanks for the song and the sad voice that u've tagged us in that video."
Air mata mencurah-curah macam ape je.Sedih gile dowhhh...
ok.jangan kutuk saya!Yes.i'm easily cried.wuu~
now i know how you appreciate friends. Thanks for being the one.

also, thanks to Syed for finishing the template for my blog.
You don't have to say sorry. just relax and take your time to finish all the work.
I'm not in hurry to get them in a short period of time.
*kalo boleh, nak edit lagi ye?huhu*

3rd: thanks to Awwab for starting my day with smiles on my face ;)
well dear, it's from Allah at the first place. so, let's say Alhamdulillah to him. :)

hey, did you remember this?hehe. just one of them, kan?
great,, but i have to leave it at Kak Long's house. I'm sorry.
Abah cakap kena jimat space dalam kereta sebab barang banyak sangat.
ok kan? ok kan? hee~

the fourth story is to say thanks to Syakir for letting me pinch his cheeks.haha.
tembam!mat bulat!
juma said, "ni ker syakir?tak gemuk pon?"
haha.juma,hang tak pakai spec ke?hehe.
tapi memang dia dah slim sikit je..
aku je yang menahan telinga bila orang cakap
"hey, berisi sikit lah.."
amboi...akak, dah lama hidup?? :P
*sambil buat muka Castello yang pukul orang tuh.*

ok.fine.syakir nampak terbantut pergerakan dia sebab kakak dia jahat. :P

comey tak?dia kedekut *sebab tak bagi syakir main barang dia.*haha.
tapi kalau tangkap gambar, laju je dia datang,.hehe
comey lah awak ni!

wah.main sampai tak nak turun kot. Letih Abah tunggu.
location : Tesco Ampang :P

pandai tak kakak ajar?

syakir tangkap gambar ni..say "boo" to him! haha. sebab gambar ni kabur.
makaseh adik! ;D

lastly, this is not part of the stories.
I love milk! i love milk! i love milk!

no wonder i gained a lot of weight and some "kecomelan" bertambah. :P

happy holiday people!maybe i'll have four-months-work with my father and gonna get the profit to myself, because daddy said that he will pass the business to me alone.hehe.
Jutawan kaya baruu~~

Bye bye. Wassalam .

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