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Thursday, February 18, 2010

~ Ketika Cinta Bertasbih ~

i was basically forgot how to upload the video of Ketika Cinta Bertasbih to this blog.
well, this story is totally fantastic with those two languages; Arabic and English.
this is totally great because of the actors and actresses too!
they are too islamic and i like that!

ok fine..i 'll admit that i cried and i laughed with myself to watch this movie.
the sadness, the happines,, it hurts both.
i can feel the feeling.
it's like im in the movie.
oh yeah..it is my imagination ok?haha.

well, i got a lot of moral and values based on the stories:

1st, you never know what Allah has prescribed to you in Luh Mahfuz;
about your death (date,day, minute and second), to whom you will be married, what will happen next and how you life will turn to. is it bad, or otherwise.
so,raise our hands and make a to change all the fates to be good and blessed by ALLAH.

2nd, all things that happen in life will make you think twice; for what you are doing this.is this bridge us to hereafter?

3rd, do not regret with what happens in life, because ALLAH knows the best for you.

4th, life is short. so, seize every single day! live to the fullest :)

5th, respect those around you, especially elder people.

6th, WATCH THIS MOVIE!! And get some lessons! =)

p/s: i think they have been auditioned first before they succeed to be in this movie.

ok.fine. at first, i showed my weird face to see the main actor's face,(he's not to handsome.hehe)
but then, i know that physical appearance is not counted perhaps. then, yes, it is.
the way he was in the movie is more counted. how he conveys the message is more counted.
(the time he impromptuosly deliver 'usrah' to the villagers).
At the end of the movie, we know how the cast had been selected.
they have been auditioned. i can see they performed "sujud syukur" in front of people.
mungkin budaya di Indonesia memang begitu yach?
bagus2..suka.. *see my thumbs up?*

lastly, watch this movie (biarpun aku yang terlambat dan baru nak tengok.hehe), and get the moral at the end of the story. i remember my teacher's saying, "there is no point for you to watch movie with nothing useful to be applied in life".
so,yes,it's true. even when you watch any western movies, get some lessons. must be lessons there. ok?
that's how muslims should watch movie. :)
insyaALLAH i will do.
it's not a promise, but can be a good try.
"AMIIN ya Rabb."
* i remember Khairul Azzam's dialogue* :)

Oh yes, today is a day-off .
there are 3days gap until Poetry paper on 22nd February.
*i haven't open my book yet.
by the way, most of all my stuff had been packed, to wait
for the arrival of my mama and abah.
can't wait to pinch Syakir's cheek actually ;D

but, i still wondering on how i would spend three months at home?
before go to Gombak?
would it be a quarrelsome?
i hope not. plz.i don't want to.
but, i can be happy if my sister just stay at hostel,and i can be home with syakir. ONLY.
i think i need to find work and get my own money. ohh heaven!
* try to stand on my own feet* :)

OK.Gotta stop, because need to do some laundry with my clothes.
take care~

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