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Saturday, January 2, 2010

. I'm addicted, perhaps.

I'm addicted to blog these days.
For sure, this won't last long.LOL.
By the way, what you guys are doing now?
I'm in boredom.
Thought of going to bed by 7am.
But,,err,..the time now is already 8.48am.HAHA.
So,ok lah.ok lah.won't sleep anymore.
Got to open books after this.

hmm.i wish i can read twilight for the second time.
But it seems like it does not allow me to spend time and give it
"some love" :P

oh hey,i have my new love!
here he is ;D

MAHAHA..Jgn jeles!!
Lagu2 kat blog ni pon banyak lagu beliau oke?
i give u hmm..
how many stars?
all stars yang ada lah!
(sounds fanatik giler).

(2) One is not enough.haha.
"Mother" is one of his songs that I like.
5 stars! ;D

People,have a nice day!
I'm gonna make today as the best day,
coz I did not sleep after subuh.haha
(padahal addicted dengan laptop.
dia "stick".cannot away from it for a moment.haha)

p/s: i don't know why I am too obsessed with soo many
things sekarang ni..
(sorry,bahasa rojak.
Cikgu2 Bahasa,jangan marahkan saya)



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