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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hati ini stress.totally stress out.ada seorang perempuan ni.i dont know why i dont like her.
obviously,cant bear with her attitude.i dont know what i should do to say I like her instead of saying I hate her. i just wannna ask her to PLZ RESPECT MY BELONGING.Plz3..I ask you.But it's okay..aku try tanak benci orang..mdm adeeba ckp,kalo benci org tu,kena ckp " i like her" 10 times.haha..is it possible?ok.i'll try.:)

haha..ugh!!h.sometimes,is like quite annoying.ooh..thats annoying.
what the hell can I do?OH ALLAH,plz guide me..don want to make some more sins to myself.nauzubillah.I dont know.I try to forgive her for soo many times.no once,not twice,but it is more than that. Coz i was like,,ugh!!cant bear it.feel like screaming and ask her to pls learn to respect people.can u,,,my dear sis?????

oh ALLAH,guide me..i dont want to hate her. I just want her to plz show some respect.thats all what i wanna ask.
i think this is enough.Guide me,ya RABB..

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