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Monday, October 26, 2009

..::: thE First ExPerIENce::..

It has been so very long time that i did not view my blog. It could be about three months I think.
Apparently,I do not know why I have such feelings today to post something in here, since I am deeply lazy to type in here;in my blog.
I think I have a lot of things to tell to you guys.(Because it has been a very long time that I have not post something in here;to express my feelings.
First of all, I am feeling very pathetic and it is very tired to reach Nilai, because I really have to take a train, and the duration of time is about 13hours..!!Can you imagine how long did I have to sit?? But,it is okay.ALLAH takes care of us.Me and my friend,Afiqah.We arrived here safely.Then I met Azi and Azah at the Seremban Station.Oh ya,not to forget,Kak Aini.At first,I wonder why I still meet her in Nilai(because she supposed to be in Gombak).That is why I called her "kak".Well,I am not condemming her.But I am just curious to ask her why she was still in Nilai? Wiithout asking any questions, she told me that she had to extend 1 year of her study in Nilai,since she suffered from family problem and she was too stress.That is very pity.I gave her my sympathetic look and gave her a few words and advice to make her strong and not to "mourn" over her illness.Well, I told her that it is all about ALLAH's willing and HE knows the best for us. I noticed that she looks very strong and not sad.Till she came to my room,and we chatted for a few minutes.She wants to change her room because of her illness. Of course she was easily to be exhausted because of her sickness.
Hey there.I'm sorry.Actually,I have to use English since I got a very low mark for English, and it is not that esay to get a high mark.Right??So I promised to myself to read a lot of english books and at least,"glance" at the grammar part. With that promise,I already purchased my own english novel which is titled " Remember me?" by Sophie Kinsella. The red book cost about RM34.00. Woa,..expensive right? One of the reasons that I do not like to buy internatinal english books,because it must cost a lot of money!Almost all of my notes are gone.Oh,how sad..But hey sarah,do not be sad. It is for your own good sake, to get a better polished english, and to have a lot of vocabularies.

The first time that I got my result was when I was chatting with Awwab,and we got a lot of things to talk about. But, accidently, Awwab tried to check my result,and it appeared. Oh God,is that my result?Is that my result for the time that I have spent a lot?Well,I tried not to be too sad with the result.So,I would just leave it to ALLAH:)

Now,I am feeling very dizzy. My mind is spinning round and around.

It is the time to stop I think..wslm


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