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Thursday, November 15, 2012

This Is the Least I Can Do.


Seriously, I cannot stand of seeing this photo.
Photo: ‎ضحايا العدوان الصهيوني
victims of the israelian aggression
babies :'(
They do not even know what life is :'(

I cried and my tears spilled continuously.
I think, for the whole day, kerja aku nangis jee.
Mula-mula dengan tengok video "Habib Al-Habib- The Return".

Ini bukan pasal 'kes perempuan' yang kerja nk nangis sekali sebulan.. Ini pasal hak asasi kemanusiaan.
Sedih. Sedih dengan masa Heroes tempoh hari yang 'provoke' kami untuk derma for Syria.
Yang tu memang meruntun hati . To see women being raped, old women and men being tortured, children been abused and so forth. It is so heart-wrenching. And, here I am on blogspot is to say what I wanna say about this sadness :'( nanti orang kat FB serabut dengan too many 'shares' from Sarah Saadi. T_T

I wonder. Do they even have heart? Do they even call themselves as humans?
O Allah, please protect our brothers and sisters. We won't leave them behind. :'(
Please. Our prayers are with you. Ya Allah, please protect all children. Give them chance to breath and let them have education as what we have now. :(

Only you can break the zionist and the Israelist. Break them ya Allah. Let Islam defeats them!
Allahu akbar. Walillahil hamd.

This song is for our brothers and sisters who had gone to 'meet' the Lord.
To Him we shall return <--- click this.
"Verily from Allah we come and to Allah we shall return."

Pray for Allah to grant them Jennah. Ameeeen...


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