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Friday, September 16, 2011

Our dreams :)

:) bismillah :)

i love the smell of books. so, please find one for me :)

yes, i'll learn and cook us. i'll try for curry me too okay  :')

yeah, okay, our pet :))) hahahaha

cuteeeeee!!!  *cubit pipi sendiri. HAHAHA*

oh yes, Alhamdulillah :')
"allahummaf tahli abwaba rohmatik" :)

our living room . kot :)

ignore tempat unggun api. we gonna live in Malaysia, not 'there' .haha

and, we need a room, so called 'small library' or whatever. hihi

Quad Shelving Unit by Nauris Kalinauskas
kalau design rak macam ni, tak tahu la berapa ribu. hehe

last but not least....

by: Busnelli
put a tv in front of it.  :)

p.s: we havent get in contact for quite long. thus, i beg for your forgiveness and I hope we can reduce our 'connection', and see you on the Day, which will be our history. I do hope for that. i know some people dislike 'us'. yes, US, both of us. but yeah, we can never satisfy everyone , right? you know I love to see man who go to mosque, so please be one. even though our relationship is quite long, which was already two years, we never know how long it can go. only you and me know what we had gone through. they dont know that our fate is up and down as how the circle should be. so, the best is, pray for Him and lets make prayers. lets keep each other in our heart, even though we dont see each other., not even on phone, internet, etc., take care. :)  

hmmm. sejuuk perut ibu mengandung. akekekeke~

notakaki: silent readers, ter-cheesy ke? sorry-laaah..   ^^


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