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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Homecoming. Loves. Loves. :)

Salam people. I've done with two papers. Alhamdulillah everything's fine and smooth, even though i was 'black-out' while answering Arabic paper. =.='' OMG. Another paper was Bahasa Melayu which was better than Arabic. (contradict with my first expectation, which was otherwise) T_T OMG (again).

And there it is., I'll be departing (lah sangat), to Kelantan, my hometown, to see my gemuk-boy XP,yeah, my younger brother, my mom, my dad, dan seluruh isi pelusuk kampung saya. ngeh3 XD

You know what i am imagining right now? Im worried if there are so many days of holidays, then how I'd be spending the days? For sure, I'll be quarrelling with my siblings. OMG (again) T_T

Ya Allah, sabarkan Sarah dengan adik-adik dia. Semoga dia berjaya menjadi kakak yang penyabar dan hanya menyerah kalah tatkala dibuli oleh adik-adiknya. T_T
[korang, aminkan cepat] XP

he said he'd call. -.-
(OMG This baby is soooooooo cuteeeeeeee!)

yeah, okay, I need to call my father, to tell him that I've done with my papers,
 and I'll see my loves in a few days time. See ya! :)

Two months of holiday. Goodbye, UIA.