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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enjoy every minute of life. :)

Yes, I'm enjoying my hectic life here. Will be going to Jempol, Negeri Sembilan on tomorrow morning. And will be meeting all cute little kids. Teheeee. I do love kids, and I love twins! >,< *tiba2 je kan? lol :p

Good luck with finals in a few weeks more, peeps! and do take care, as you know life is brief.
Hari tu lecturer ada cakap yang Gombak ada earthquake. furniture rumah dia bergoyang bagai. TAKUT GILA, ASTAGHFIRULLAH T_T
Pray a lot! May Allah bless us..

Life is making me down a few times, but  I wish to be strong and stronger more and more each day.

 semua orang sibuk post pasal kahwin muda, kahwin gantung dan sebagainya. hakikatnya, kahwin. sudah, diam semua orang. saya nak pergi kelas.>,<  bye!


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