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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I wish I was not. -.-''

That is what I hope for, because Drama is the last paper. And on that night, I'll be going home.
To Kelantan. Wehoooo! ~

BTW, will come back to Gombak on 1st May. You know it's only two weeks of holiday! *annoyed*
And I wish, I can make it longer. But, anyways, IT WONT HAPPEN. thats it!
And it's only TWO WEEKS! TWO WEEKS! stop it. you know, at least, you are free from books for a while. hehe.

Take care,everyone! And all the best for our results! :)

kalau tensyen belaja, saya suka minum air ni! choose Mocha okay? hehe :D
korang boleh cuba. oh heaven tak hengat! :)

 bye bye loves. :) Sila LIKE! XD

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