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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fill up all the empty space. :)

No, i wont go out, :P
But yes, I'd pay the revenge. You know what the revenge is?
It is to STAY HOME 24 HOURS and to be a babysitter! XD

You think it's easy to take care of a little boy? Of course it's kinda hard like being a mother. LOL

Well, at least, I know that I'm free from books and can watch tv all the time!
Thanks mom, for adding some new channels on Astro! Heeeee  (Sarah lupa diri result keluar May nanti) -.-''

And and and, another thing is,
what you need to do is to join your brother if he sleeps.
(He sleeps too much , you know! It's tiring for sure!)  Haha

If you were on a maximum level of boredom, please make a cute face like this to your siblings at home  :p

Alololo~ Cute, really! :D

image  and dont scream out like this. haha.

Sempena cuti ni, Sarah Saadi belanja kek sape yang view post ni. nah! :DDDD

Take care everyone! Happy holiday and stay awesome!

Byebye! Salam  :) Sila LIKE! XD

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